For centuries the province Groningen is planned out in detail. Sometimes as a province alone, quite often as part of a larger area with among others Friesland, Drenthe and Ost-Friesland.



Especially from the prime time of the Dutch cartography, the 17th century nice maps of Groningen are present. In the 18th century there was still a remarkable large production of maps, but the quality was sometimes lower. But also from this period interesting province maps are saved.


kaart Groningen
These maps are interesting because of their topographic data, but also because of their attractive decorations and ornaments. Sometimes they are real works of art that already in their period of creation were bought by collectors. The colouring of the printed maps was a special trade: a “afzetter” (map-colourer) who understood his business, could make a map substantial more valuable.

In this exhibition 30 decorative maps of the province Groningen can be seen. Also some old street maps of the city Groningen are added.

All maps were collected by Jan Menze van Diepen (1905-1994), who brought together an unique collection from this area.


Necessary space

Volume of the exhibition: 30 frames (about 25 meter wall space)

3 vitrines with a surface of about 120 x 80 cm.

In consultation the size of the exhibition can be adapted to the available space.

Requirements climate and safety:

The loans may be exhibited solely in a space that meets minimal rules of air conditioning and safety. Also the lighting must be well-considered.



The costs of transport are for the loan-taker.

The works of art will be presented framed and wrapped in air-cushion foil.



The loan taker takes care of an all-risks insurance for transport and stay of the works of art.

A list of insurance values will be provided by the Jan Menze van Diepen Stichting.



Together with the works of art text-cards with explanation are given.

Two general text boards as an introduction on the theme of the exhibition are delivered in a frame.