Exhibition Koetshuis Fraeylemaborg, Slochteren

30 september 2017 t/m 18 maart 2018


One of the most famous etchers in the Netherlands, Reinder Homan, exhibits in the Koetshuis at the Fraeylemaborg. Ten works come from the collection of Jan Menze van Diepen.


Reinder Homan (Smilde, 1950) was captivated by this versatile and complicated technique during his studies at the Groningen Academy Minerva.

Nature plays a leading role in his work, from trees and plants to forests and country houses surrounded by parks.

The graphic technique of etching is a completely natural way of working for Homan and represents his passion for nature.


This Northern Realist makes portraits of a single tree or plant, but also whole forests and flowering verges and meadows in the morning mist. He likes to choose a special position, for example by lying down on the abdomen or climbing in a tree.


Etching is a time-consuming technique, as follows
Sometimes Reinder Homan works on one etching plate for two months.
He tries to apply a lot of nuances in light and dark, by “biting” the etching plate in different phases.
Sometimes a plate can enter the acid up to fifty to sixty times!


Especially for this exhibition, Reinder created an attractive etching of the Fraeylemaborg, bordered by the lime trees along the canal.

The exhibition contains much more new work, but also a selection of older etchings from the Jan Menze van Diepen collection.


The exhibition also includes a number of bronze statues of Sofie Hupkens (Brazil 1952). She studied in Maastricht and Rio de Janeiro, among other places, and currently has a workshop in Bakhuizen in Frisian.



Her stylised bronze figures are tranquil and turned inwards and fit perfectly with Reinder’s subdued etchings.