This foundation was founded in 1978 by Mr. Van Diepen to be in the future

continue to manage and exhibit collection.

The objective of the Jan Menze van Diepen Foundation is set out in Article 2 of the Articles of Association:

“The purpose of the Foundation is:

The acquisition, management and exhibition to the public of objects of visual art, ceramics, glass, drawings, prints, maps, photos, bijoux, furniture, curiosities and other objects of historical value, on loan for the exhibition of these objects to institutions that pursue a similar goal as this Foundation.
Supporting institutions working in the social, cultural and social field. “

The collection and the art depot

In 1994 the Jan Menze van Diepen Foundation housed its collection in a specially built depot on the Fraeylemaborg estate in Slochteren. In the Fraeylemaborg itself you can admire works of art from the Van Diepen collection scattered throughout the building, in varying compositions.

The collection of more than 9,800 registered art objects consists of four sub-collections, namely:

Asian ceramics and glass
Prints and ceramics around the House Oranje-Nassau
Topographic maps and prints of (province and city) Groningen
Visual art from (mainly) Groningen artists

Each object is included with an inventory number, description and image in a database with good search options. This database can be consulted by anyone interested on the website www.vandiepencollectie.nl and www.archieven.nl. The daily management of the collection takes place by curator / administrator and a conservation officer.

The foundation

At the foundation of the Foundation in 1978, a lifetime of 25 years was foreseen. From 2001 the articles of association have been amended in the sense that the board can decide on the continuity of the Foundation.

The policy of the Board of the Foundation is aimed at honoring the objectives of the Foundation and thereby managing the core components of the collection or making additions appropriate to this collection and furthermore institutions active in the social, cultural and social fields. support, all in line with the views of Jan Menze van Diepen.

The situation in 2016 is that there is a solid organization. Financially sound, committed employees and a depot that was expanded in 2005 with an attractive office and work space.

There is an ambition to support the aforementioned, as well as to maintain the collection and to strive to increase the number of loans to museums and cultural institutions, in order to do justice to the intention of collector Van Diepen.

Policy and implementation of objectives

The acquisition of new acquisitions in the various subcategories focuses on works of art that fill a gap in the collection, or reinforce it in general.

Procedures have been agreed for this, while the financial scope for this is fed by the spending reserve that the Foundation’s capital provides.

Prof. dr. Dr. C. Jörg as an advisor. He is also the author of the second part of the collection catalog series that the foundation has published.

A total of four collection catalogs have now been published. linked in theme to the four sub-collections mentioned above.

The management of the collection is regularly assessed on the basis of a work plan, in which the work to be carried out is accompanied by a timetable.

The exhibition for the public takes place at a growing number of locations, always striving for expansion. Making the Foundation more well-known through its collection includes the website www.vandiepencollectie.nl with collection database, the four collection catalogs and a printed information folder.

Many elements from the Van Diepen collection are present in the permanent interior of the Fraeylemaborg. Loans are also regularly included in the exchange expositions in the Coach House of the Borg.

Objects from the collection are loaned to other museums and cultural institutions for shorter or longer periods.

The Foundation also assembles exhibitions that are made available to third parties as a whole, with the accompanying text captions.

Supporting institutions working in the social, cultural and social fields leads to honoring varied applications every year.

In the last few years, for example, a subsidy was granted to the East-West Relations Chair at Leiden University, Fraeylemaborg Estate Foundation, War and Resistance Center Groningen, Je Maintiendrai Nassau Foundation, and Werkman 2015 Foundation.

Thus adopted at the meeting of the Board on December 13, 2016.