RIEKELE PRINS (1905-1954), engraver of the landscape of Groningen

scheepswerf van Diepen

Riekele Prince (born 1905) grew up in Bedum, where he was an amateur painter gained experience in various drawing and painting techniques.

Not before 1933 he got the possibility to follow a drawing course in Groningen. Gradually he got more success, especially in his speciality: etching of the grand Groningen landscape.

He excelled in the technique of the “dry needle”, where the print shows a velvet like effect. Also in the regular etch he achieved remarkable results, by letting eat away the etching plate in a masterly way. By that he achieved a very special spatial effect in his landscapes. Sometimes Prins drew directly on the metal plate, but mostly a sketch was made in preparation. With a rather simple printing press the artist printed with great care his etches, often in very small editions.

The Groningen landscape was his greatest source of inspiration. As nobody else he knew how to reflect the peace and stillness of the often empty northern landscape, sometimes with a well-known little church at the horizon: for example Leegkerk, Fransum, and Oostum. Riekele Prins died in 1954, in the age of only 49 years.

In this composed exhibition are gathered 30 etches and drawings made by him, and besides that also some etching plates.

They are collected by Jan Menze van Diepen (1905-1994) who was an admirer of the work of Riekele Prins.

Necessary space

Size of the exhibition: 30 frames (about 25 straight meter wall space)

3 glass showcases surface space about 120 x 80 cm.

By mutual agreement the size of the exhibition can be adjusted to the available space.

Climate and safety requirements

The loans are to be exhibited only in a space meeting the minimal requirements of air conditioning and safety. Also the lighting must be well considered and sensible.


the cost of transport are for the loan-taker.

The works of art will be presented framed and covered in air cushion foil


The loan taker takes care of an all-risks insurance during transport and during the exhibition of the works of art. A list of insurance conditions is given by the Jan Menze van Diepen Stichting.


Together with the works of art text-cards with explanation are given.

Two general text boards as an introduction on the theme of the exhibition are delivered in a frame.