Book Orange-Nassau

Fourth publication in the series Selections from the collection of Jan Menze van Diepen Foundation.


This publication, the fourth in the series Selections from the collection of Jan Menze van Diepen Foundation, is dedicated to prints, ceramics and orangana.

Regal Variation

Jan Menze van Diepen (1905-1994) collected over 5,000 works of art and objects on Orange-Nassau. The prints, ceramics and orangana provide a fascinating and varied picture of five centuries of history of the House of Orange-Nassau.


Particularly include the 17th century new prints of master engraver Romeyn de Hooghe. He traveled along in the due of King William III and made great detailed engravings of his ambitious undertakings. It’s just like comics. Charming are the children’s portraits and family pictures of many generations of Orange. Many heyday can be seen in the pictures, such as baptism, marriage, coronation and jubilee. But also the deathbed and funeral were immortalized.

Orange ceramics

The colorful Orange ceramics are a feast for the eyes. At every moment festive porcelain factories went to work and served the Orangist part of the nation of plates, cups and dinnerware. Sometimes premature. For example, in 1934, made a sign to mark the anticipated engagement of Princess Juliana with a Swedish prince. That did not happen!

Orange Love

The so-called Orangana consist of numerous objects where the Orange Love the Dutch people is splashing off. Thus there for centuries biscuit tins, matchboxes, ribbons, scarves and wear medals made to celebrate special moments around our dynasty. This continues until the present day. For example, the book also recorded a inauguration-wuppie of Albert Heijn.

This 280-page publication has conservator Drs. Henny Hearts over 200 works selected Orange and has provided a compelling explanation. This regal picture book with many interesting, rare or endearing Subjects give a special look at our dynasty through the ages.


Author; Drs. H. van Harten-Boers


Number of pages; 280

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