In our daily life we regularly come in touch with our royal house: the face of queen Beatrix goes in the form of coins daily from hand to hand.

Happenings related to the royal family as birthdays, (forth coming) marriages and successions are in the focus of attention and are celebrated until today and commemorated.

The exhibition ORANGE-SIGNS OF REMEMBRANCE consists of about fifty objects and thirty prints. They show how the last two hundred years the royal family was brought to the attention of the Dutch people and how the Dutch subjects brought tribute to Oranje.

Especially the many Oranje-associations, companies and institutions in The Netherlands started the initiative for this. They let produce special commemoration mugs, -plates and -coins. But also the national and local authorities showed themselves very active.

All objects and prints come out of the elaborate Oranje collection brought together by Jan Menze van Diepen (1905-1994).

Available space

Size of the exhibition: 30 frames (about 25 meter wall space)

6 vitrines with a surface of about 120 x 80 cm.

In consultation the size of the exhibition can be adapted to the available space.

Requirements climate and safety

The loans may be exhibited solely in a space meeting the minimal requirements of air conditioning and safety. Also the lighting must be well considered.


The costs of transport are for the loan taker.

The works of art will be presented framed and covered in air cushion foil.


The loan taker takes care of an all-risks insurance during transport and during the exhibition of the works of art. A list of insurance conditions is given by the Jan Menze van Diepen Stichting.


Together with the works of art text-cards with explanation are given

Two general text boards as an introduction on the theme of the exhibition are delivered in a frame.


A pamphlet (12 pages) with title “Oranje-tekenen van herinnering” is available for € 0,50 each.